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Beyond Biometrics: Will We Soon Store Our Passwords Inside Our Bodies?



PayPal wants to get rid of all your passwords, and replace them with any of a variety of high-tech alternatives that go way beyond biometrics like fingerprints, to sensors implanted in your brain or gizmos that live in your stomach.

 Jonathan LeBlanc, the head of Global Developer Advocacy at PayPal, thinks that as long as systems rely on a username/password structure to identify people, some folks are inevitably going to set their password to, well,  “Password” (or “12345” or “qwerty”) and end up compromising their security, reports the Wall Street Journal.

His solution? To Kill All Passwords, as the title of a presentation he’s been taking through the rounds of tech conferences aptly puts it.

Technological advances mean that the doors have opened to “true integration with the human body,” LeBlanc says. Though fingerprint scanning and other “external” identifiers are getting a lot of talk, really the future is inside us — in identifying our vein structure, for example, or our heartbeat’s unique electrical signature.
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