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Biden Caught In Nasty Scandal, Media Refuses To Report

Biden Caught In Nasty Scandal, Media Refuses To Report

BOMBSHELL: Biden Caught In Nasty Scandal, Media Refuses To Report Although it has not yet been a major chorus, there have been more than a few Democrats who have publicly stumped for former Vice President Joe Biden to become the face of the party. There’s one massive problem with this suggestion: Biden is a well-documented “creep” who has already been denounced by several mainstream periodicals for his behavior.On YouTube, several people have created videos dedicated to all the times that Biden acted inappropriately in public. In one, future Attorney General Jeff Sessions can be seen pushing away Biden’s grasping hand as it reaches for his granddaughter. Twitter user and journalist Richard Armande Mills has dedicated his recent string of tweets to exposing Biden’s audacious behavior while Vice President. In one tweet, Mills shared a video showing Biden touching the chest of a little girl during a photo-op.In another tweets, Mills wrote about how Biden has a habit of smelling female hair, especially the hair of young girls. “As former VP, Biden had a habit of smelling the hair of women and (particularly) little girls. In this clip, he fixes the hair of a little girl, conveniently placing his hands near her chest area. Her and the other young girl beside her clearly seem uncomfortable by it all,” Mills tweeted. In each one of these clips, those touched by Biden seems clearly distraught and uncomfortable. Video clips are not the only piece of evidence possibly damning Mr. Biden. Writer Jon Gabriel has also tweeted about those accusations against Biden which claim that he routinely walked around female Secret Service personnel while naked. If true, than any possible run for the presidency for Biden would be met with a crashing wave of sexual harassment allegations.

SOURCE :Christian News Alerts

Jeff Sessions Slaps Creepy Joe Biden’s Hand Away From Little Girl