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Bilal Erdogan: The Real ISIS Oil Minister


ISIS oil funding is now more in the center of mainstream media attention than it has ever been, particularly since the Russians began bombing real ISIS targets and forcing the United States to embark upon yet another phony bombing campaign against “ISIS oil money” in order to save face in front of its unwitting victims of public relations.

ISIS funding has long been presented as a mystery to the Western world and its gullible public, with claims that the terrorist organization funds itself via Twitter donations, shadowy “wealthy Islamists,” and stolen oil. Of course, the Twitter claims must be rejected out of hand since it is well within the power of Western intelligence agencies and even Twitter itself to shut down these operations yet they have all refused to do so (assuming that such donations are actually being made).

It is, of course, true that “wealthy Islamists” are assisting in the funding of ISIS and other related terrorist organizations. These “wealthy Islamists” are also known as the royal family of Saudi Arabia and the Emirs of other Gulf State feudal monarchies.

The question of the ISIS oil business, however, is another one entirely. While the mainstream media obviously exaggerates the ability of ISIS to extract, ship, and collect enough oil to fund itself, particularly in such a way that is allegedly under the nose of the world’s most effective surveillance and military states, ISIS is no doubt selling stolen oil to foreign powers.

Yet ISIS is not engaging in oil deals without the knowledge of NATO since it is precisely NATO that it is doing business with.

In fact, one of the principle smugglers conducting business with ISIS is Bilal Erdogan, the son of Turkish President Recep Erdogan.