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Bilderberg Cops Detain, Harass Reporters, “Mainstream Media” Nowhere to be Seen

Henry Kissinger heckled as annual confab of global elitists begins

Police acting on behalf of the secretive Bilderberg Group harassed, detained and searched the bags of reporters before the clandestine conference got underway, with the “mainstream media” nowhere to be seen


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Infowars reporters Rob Dew, Paul Joseph Watson and Josh Owens were walking back to their hotel after dinner only to be suddenly surrounded by police, with more vans full of police arriving within minutes.

Police detained Dew, Watson and Owens along with other independent media and cameramen, before taking their passports and demanding to search their bags on the street.

Individuals were taken one by one behind a police van to be searched.

Police said that any further “distractions” would result in arrest. When pressed as to what exactly constituted causing a “distraction,” police said that “causing trouble” would not be tolerated.

This all took place on Wednesday night before any Bilderberg members had even arrived at the hotel.

Bilderberg members began to arrive on Friday as a handful of protesters and members of the alternative media gathered outside the Kempinski hotel.

Aside from one reporter from a local Dresden newspaper, the mainstream media was nowhere to be seen. Apparently, a secretive meeting attended by 120 of the world’s most powerful people just isn’t newsworthy enough to send a single reporter to the actual site of the conference.

The Irish Times reported on the meeting by claiming that it was just an “expensive talking shop” and that “it’s highly unlikely we are missing anything by being locked out.”


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Henry Kissinger’s arrival at the confab was greeted with chants of “war criminal” and “monster” as the globalist slowly made his way into the hotel.


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