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Bilderberger: We “welcome the general interest in the conference”

In a statement provided to The Washington Times, a Bilderberg “spokesman” has claimed that the group is happy that the public is interested in its activities – a suggestion that flies in the face of the huge security operation surrounding the meeting and and total secrecy in which its dignitaries operate.

“While we understand and generally welcome the general interest in the conference, we simply cannot provide the levels of access or transparency that certain individuals or groups would like to see,” the anonymous spokesman writes in an email.

“To encourage the highest level of openness and dialogue among the participants, and to keep the private character of the meetings, all participants respect the Chatham House Rule.” the statement also notes.

The idea that Bilderberg welcomes any kind of interest in its activities is laughable when one takes a brief look at the effort the group has gone to this year in Austria to hide away from the public eye.



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