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Billion dollar mosque: Algeria splurges on record-breaking house of worship

Algeria could soon be the envy of the Muslim world given the news that the nation’s record breaking, ultramodern Great Mosque is nearing completion.

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The Djamaa el Djazair, or Great Mosque of Algiers, has been under construction since 2011 and is being billed as the third largest mosque on the planet. The German-designed mosque also looks set to surpass neighbors Morocco with the tallest minaret in the world by nearly 200 feet, after years of project setbacks.

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According to architectural news site Binyen, delays dogged the $1.5 billion project since the foundations were laid more than four years ago. However, a sudden increase in people working on the site – approximately 1,600 builders – reportedly means the project will be finished before the end of this year


Source RT