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Bio-sensors that can track your EVERY move are tested in ‘cyborg cows’ ahead of being implanted in humans

Cyborg cows’ are being used to test tracking technology of the future. 

A company named Livestock Labs has created a sensor that can be implanted under a bovine’s skin to monitor its health and movements.

The idea is that farmers will have a way to easily monitor illness in livestock and quickly stop the spread of disease.

While the technology is currently being used in cows at a farm in Utah, Livestock Labs hopes to create similar implantable chips for humans. 

Although the intention behind the device may be benign, many people fear that chips under our skin could be used by governments and others to track us.

The current version of the sensor for cows is known as EmbediVet and is the creation of biohacker Tim Cannon, according to MIT Technology Review. 

It works like a Fitbit for cattle, keeping track of their movements, vital signs and other biological data.

Three animals equipped with the chips, created by Mr Cannon’s startup firm Livestock Labs, are currently living on a dairy farm Wellsville, Utah.


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