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Black Death infected hospital patients ESCAPE: Plague now SPREADING out of control

PATIENTS infected with the Black Death plague ravaging Madagascar are escaping from hospital in a city of nearly nine million people, it has emerged.

They risk infecting others as they flee back home – despite being riddled with the dangerous contagion.

A doctor at a plague hospital in the Madagascan capital of Antananarivo revealed the horrifying development yesterday.

This comes as fears grow that the outbreak could go global – leading to millions dying.

The Central Anti-Plague Hospital Ambohimindra is one of six hospitals that treat plague in the city with a population of 8.6m.

Madagascar’s plague outbreak has killed 165 people so far, infecting more than 2,000, making 2017 this hospital’s busiest year.

It’s a deadly pneumonic plague which can pass from person to person through coughing and kills within 24 hours.


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