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Bombing Suspect Ahmad Rahami Arrested After Shootout With Police

Police have arrested the 28-year-old Ahmad Rahami, the alleged suspect behind the bombings in Elizabeth, New Jersey and the Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea, after a shoot-out in Linden, New Jersey. Two officers were reported injured, one struck by a car and another by gunfire, after they responded to reports of a suspect shooting at passing cars in Linden, a city just south of Elizabeth.

Rahami, who according to NBC was also shot, was taken to an ambulance in a stretcher with his right shoulder bloodied and bandaged.

The alleged Afghani-born bomber, whose fingerprint was found on an unexploded device, was hunted in connection with the explosions that sparked fears of a local terror cell, according to federal officials. Earlier Monday, FBI agents raided the Elizabeth, New Jersey, home of Rahami, a naturalized US citizen who was deemed armed and dangerous, Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

Rahami’s moment of capture was memorialized.





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