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Brain-dead mainstream media: 50 ppb of arsenic is dangerous to drink, but 50,000 ppb of mercury is safe to inject into children

Last week, the mainstream media erupted with the news that a very small amount of arsenic was detected in California wines. All the usual media participants spread a wave of hysteria that equated California wines with drinking poison: USA Today, San Francisco Gate, Daily Mail, NY Daily News and many more.

As reported in the stories, the highest concentration of arsenic detected in wine was just 50 parts per billion (50 ppb) — a truly miniscule concentration of arsenic even if it’s all inorganic arsenic (which it isn’t). This level is so low that I would have given it an A+++ safety rating according to — a ratings standard that’s far more stringent than the FDA’s food safety requirements.

Despite the extremely low levels of arsenic found in the California wines, the mainstream media did what it does best: foment mass hysteria with wildly inaccurate reporting that skews the facts… just as they did with the Disneyland measles outbreak hysteria which was also based on fabrications, not facts.

“Very high levels of arsenic in top-selling wines,” screamed CBS News. The San Francisco Gate wrote of “presumably toxic levels of arsenic,” and USA Today warned about “dangerously high levels of arsenic” in California wines.

The problem with all this? These are all the exact same media outlets which routinely insist that 50,000 ppb of mercury is “safe” when injected into the human body in the form of flu shots.

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