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BREAKING: Is Julian Assange is missing – Wikileaks Internet Cut by Government


The internet link of WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange was “intentionally severed” early Monday by a state party, the organization has claimed.



According to a statement released at 12:33 a.m., the “appropriate contingency plans” were taken shortly after.

The announcement came only hours after three cryptographic hashes, used in verifying the integrity of data, were also sent out on WikiLeaks’ Twitter account.

The hashes – which concern US Secretary of State John Kerry, Ecuador and the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office – led to widespread speculation over potential issues with Assange’s asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

The Interwebz is obviously now abuzz with rumors and theories. There is no word or confirmation from Assange or Wikileaks.

There is an interesting note from Anonymous.

“I’m a low level intelligence officer, not CIA. The tweets are SHA256 hashes, not keys. They signify that the files to come are real.

Read it here first. Ecuador has caved to pressure from Clinton & Co. Assange is being extradited. The situation is very fluid and he has threatened to kill himself if removed from the embassy.

The file hash is directed at Sec. Kerry as a direct threat.


No, I don’t have any proof I can share; these are diplo cables I’m getting form this. But Assange will likely be either imprisoned or dead within 12 hours.

If they get me for sharing this, at least I died a patriot.”

No confirmation either way on this but it’s definitely the case something strange is happening. Or at the very least, some big information is coming via Wikileaks in the very near future.

The pre-commitment tweets suggest WikiLeaks is in possession of data concerning the aforementioned governments. Releasing the 64-character codes allows any upcoming data dumps to be verified and checked for any unwarranted alteration.

The day prior WikiLeaks released its 9th batch of emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta.


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