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Brexit will STOP Brussels creating a ‘DANGEROUS’ EU army, senior French admirals say


LEAVING the European Union would stop Brussels bosses forming a “dangerous” EU army, two senior French admirals have said.

Vice Admiral Michel Debray and Rear Admiral Claude Gaucherand said a Brexit would put the “screeching breaks” on plans for an army made from the 28-member bloc.

In a letter condemning the union, the pair went on to say Britain’s neighbours would still cooperate with the UK on “close and friendly terms” because of the country’s military and economic power.

The letter also said the Remain campaign’s “scaremongering” claims that Britain’s military would be weakened after a Brexit make “no sense”.

It reads: “Viewed rationally and dispassionately from Paris, the scaremongering that we have seen the British people subjected to makes no sense.

“The UK will remain a major force after Brexit, a major military, security and economic power that its neighbours will want to cooperate with on close and friendly terms.


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