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Britain staying in Europe looks more and more absurd

Greece will inevitably leave the Eurozone, and the EU commissars will continue with their project. But that project is doomed – as the fall of the USSR predicted

One of the ironies lacing our politics is that just as we witness one of the great inevitable catastrophes of the Soviet-style push to a European superstate – the implosion of Greece – so various foreigners beg and brully Britin not to leave the European Union. Have they, I am driven to ask, not eyes to see and ears to hear?

It little matters, at the latest emergency summit tomorrow, whether Greece is booted out of the euro, or whether an entirely bogus arrangement is reached to “save” the country for the Great European Project.

In the end, it will go bust. In the end, it will shatter the fantasy of a unified European superstate, with one currency, one economic culture and one economic policy.



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