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British Empire Used Communist Tactics for Centuries

The “Masonic Jewish Conspiracy” is the British Empire which has  now morphed into the New World Order. Hempher’s Confession of  a British Spy (c. 1825) reveals that turmoil in the Middle East has deep
imperialist roots. As early as the 1700’s, the “British” were using cultural  subversion to colonize Muslims. Similar social engineering tactics,  characteristic of Communism, are used to colonize Western society today.
(Communism is Masonic, i.e. Cabalist, Jewish Satanism.) Read Hempher’s
list and see how many tactics you recognize.





Anti Semitism is a red herring and a diversion. The head of the octopus is the “Crown” i.e. the shareholders of the Bank of England and the world’s other central banks.

Hempher says the British exploited a society’s vulnerabilities. They sponsored the Shiite and the Wahhabi sects to divide and destabilize Islam. They planted Freemasons as phony religious teachers and traitorous statesmen: “We were designing long term plans to wage discord, ignorance poverty and even diseases in these countries. We were imitating the customs and traditions of these countries, thus easily concealing our intentions.”  The goal was and remains to, in Cecil Rhodes’ words, “absorb all the riches of the world.”



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