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British govt’s top secret emails intercepted by ISIS hackers

A major security breach in British government communications has been uncovered by GCHQ, a report says. Hackers allegedly associated with Islamic State collected information on key UK cabinet ministers.

UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) has exposed ISIS-linked extremists intercepting classified emails of PM David Cameron’s cabinet, The Telegraph reports. One of the senior ministers implicated in the scandal is Home Secretary Theresa May.

By gaining access to government emails, ISIS-linked malefactors could learn which events top British officials and members of the royal family were preparing to attend.

According to PM Cameron, Islamic State was planning “barbaric attacks against the West,”with terror plots targeting “high-profile public commemorations”last summer.

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In late August, it was reported that a 21-year-old UK-born hacker, Junaid Hussain, believed to be the leader of Islamic State’s cyber division, was killed in a US drone strike near the Syrian city of Raqqa, the power base of Islamic State (formerly ISIS/ISIL).


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