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British woman now carries her “heart” around in a backpack after an AMAZING life-saving surgery

There is an expression that some people ‘carry their heart on their sleeve,’ which means those people tend to openly display their deepest thoughts and emotions.

But one British woman literally carries her heart on her back — in a backpack — following an amazing, first-ever surgery at one of the world’s top hospitals.

As reported by the U.K.’s Daily Mail, 39-year-old Selwa Hussain, a mother of two, was feeling out of breath and weak some six months ago when she barely made it to her car to drive about 200 yards down the road to see her family doctor in Clayhall, Essex.

Once there, she was immediately sent to a local hospital where doctors diagnosed her with severe heart failure. It didn’t look good.

Four days later, at the world-renowned Harefield Hospital in Harefield, London Borough of Hillingdon, England, where she was rushed by ambulance, doctors fought to keep her alive.

Eventually, it was determined that Hussain was just too sick to remain alive on a traditional heart pump. Worse, her condition was so bad that she wasn’t even a candidate for a heart transplant. As she continued to deteriorate, she and husband Al Hussain agreed that she should be given an artificial heart.


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