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Bug in Google Home and Chromecast devices means cyber criminals could find out EXACTLY where you live and blackmail you with the information

A bug in Google‘s Home and Chromecast gadgets could show cyber criminals where you live.

The glitch allows hackers to access the exact location of your Wi-Fi router via a malicious link that could be sent to you via email or social media.

It was found by security researcher Craig Young, who said the issue allows cyber criminals to find your address or make scam messages more convincing.

These include fake calls from the IRS or demands for cash from hackers making phony claims that they have webcam footage of the victim watching pornography.

Google said it plans to fix the security flaw, which leaks your location with an accuracy of up to a few feet, in an update next month.

The bug was first reported Monday by Mr Young, a security expert at software firm Tripwire, based in Portland, Oregon.

Mr Young found he could access router location data stored on a Home or Chromecast gadget via a computer connected to the same network.

‘I was actually able to use data extracted from the devices to determine their physical location with astonishing accuracy,’ he wrote in a blog post.


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