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Bulgarian presidential candidate says check on ‘chemtrails’ possible

Bulgarian Socialist Party presidential candidate and former air force commander Roumen Radev may have made a significant sortie into the conspiracy theorist vote with a promise that if concerns about “chemtrails” – claimed in conspiracy theories to exist, to manipulate the population – strengthen among the public “we can arrange a check”.

The chemtrail – a word made up from “chemical” and “trail”- conspiracy theory is that chemical or biological agents are sprayed at high altitudes by aircraft for sinister purposes concealed from the public. Scientists and governments repeatedly have rejected allegations that chemtrails exist.

In a video posted online on YouTube of a campaign meeting, Radev is heard saying, “if there is such a thing we will take steps, but at the moment I am not aware that there is such a thing such as deliberately, consciously spraying”.

Radev, a pilot who was air force commander before being recruited as the opposition BSP’s presidential candidate, said that such trails from planes could occur from 9000 to 11 000 metres, a result of “air humidity and so on”.

Should anxiety about the matter continue, a check would be done and if deliberate spraying was found, “we will take action”.


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