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‘Burn her’: Women in Papua New Guinea tortured for witchcraft (GRAPHIC IMAGES)


A video posted online shows four naked women in Papua New Guinea being tied up, burned and tortured for witchcraft and sorcery. The attackers claim the women had “removed and eaten a man’s heart, causing him to be gravely ill or to die.”
The footage depicting women who are stripped, burdened and beaten was uploaded to YouTube by the Commission for Social Concerns, Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Papua New Guinea (PNG).

“According to that belief [the women] are suspected of being witches who have removed and eaten a man’s heart, causing him to be gravely ill or to die,” says a description under the video.

RT has decided not to show the clip for ethical reasons.

The incident reportedly took place in a village in Enga province, two PNG sources told the Guardian Australia.

The interrogators, allegedly the relatives of the deceased man, whose corpse is seen lying nearby, are asking the victims where they put the man’s heart. It is not yet clear if the man is dead or just unconscious.

“Where did you put it? Burn her with the wire,” shout the assailants, pointing objects that resemble swords or machetes to the bodies of the women and stabbing them.

“Don’t just hit her! Burn her,” exclaims another, as translated by onscreen titles.