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Can you trust you own memories or can we be persuaded to remember things that never happened?

ELIZABETH Loftus can make you see people that never existed, remember events that never happened and vividly recall life changing experiences that never occurred.

She can persuade you of that time when you were a kid, terrified, lost in a shopping centre, or that unhappy memory of strawberry ice cream that put you off eating it ever again.

This, despite the fact you have never been lost while out shopping and love strawberry ice cream.

So convinced will you be, you‘ll swear — despite all evidence to the contrary — that your memory is entirely trustworthy.

She can take control of your brain. But she is not a conjurer, a hypnotist or a con artist. She is a university professor.

“I have spent 40 years distorting peoples’ memories,” Distinguished Professor Loftus tells “Either I, or other scientists, have implanted false memories of being attacked by animals, demonically possessed or even crimes committed so serious the police came.


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