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‘Cannibals & murderers’: Pyongyang’s shocking anti-US propaganda prints revealed

Tensions between the US and North Korea are rapidly escalating with both countries engaged in a bitter war of words. Gruesome sketches showing alleged US atrocities that Pyongyang uses in its propaganda campaign against Washington have been published online.

The graphic prints, showing US soldiers executing North Koreans, setting dogs on civilians, torturing women and leaving children to die during the 1950-1953 Korean War, constitute part of a collection of the North Korean Museum of American War Atrocities. They are believed to be mostly created around 2005.

The gruesome images also show US soldiers leaving a toddler to die in a mass grave, while burying civilians that were apparently shot dead. One shows them holding a gun to an infant girl’s head as she weeps at the sight of her dead family on another.

Further shocking drawings show US forces taking North Korean children from their mothers and kicking bound women and children into a trench in the ground with an apparent intention to bury them alive.


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