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CERN – An Unknown Portal Has Been Opened – 2017

CERN – An Unknown Portal Has Been Opened – 2017

It is known that CERN is now wrapping up operations and will be analyzing data from their numerous firings throughout 2016. They report of returning to even more powerful operations in March of 2017.

What is most interesting is that for a year now, the experiments have continued even though scientists like Stephen Hawking and others have considered the act of smashing atoms to find god, a potentially dangerous operation.
When particles are smashed into each other at the Large Haldron Collider near Zurich, Switzerland, a super magnetic tsunami is set forth that actually ripples around the world. It has been proposed that subterranean rock fissures undergo further fragmentation. Volcanic activity is allegedly activated after each powerful jolt, sending a deluge of magnetic pulses along fault lines beneath the Earth’s crust.

It has also been theorized that animal deaths have increased this year.

Animals like deer and antelope have dropped dead in large numbers. Many were found to be suffering from cerebral hemorrhaging. Incidents like these are often mysteries to be unraveled, with scientists sorting through various explanations — hunger, habitat loss, disease, disorientation for the mass deaths.

But in a swath of recent cases, many of the die-offs boil down to a common problem: the animals’ environments are changing, and they’re struggling to keep up.

It started in late May within four days a rare form of antelope called, Saiga, had dropped dead. The entire herd of about 60,000 Saiga had died. As veterinarians and conservationists tried to stem the die-off, they also got word of similar population crashes in other herds across Kazakhstan. By early June, the mass dying was thought to be over but just after firing up CERN again Back in August, you heard that a mysterious bolt of sheet lightning came up from the ground in Norway killing over 300 reindeer. After the bolt struck there were some of the deer that were still breathing, and many of them were bleeding from their ears.

The idea of a single bolt striking the group of over 300 is astounding, and yet it’s even less plausible that over bolts struck the same area, picking the animals off one by one.

So this bolt had to have been a super bolt of electromagnetic energy. This from the ground-up lightning strike is the sort that causes the most fatalities and injuries, because it has the potential to impact a much broader area than a direct hit. The NOAA says that while this is rare – it doesn’t mean it can’t happen but is highly unlikely.
Also, National Geographic has admitted that there are unprecedented animal die-offs that are killing billions and mass die-offs are happening all over the world. National Geographic wanted to review records of all these mass die offs from the past and seems to coincide with CERN activation.

This simple fact – CERN is just a quark cannon that deconfines and gives heavier mass to quarks, transforming them into the next ‘horizon’ of heavy mass, strange quarks, which have the potential to eat up planets like ours.

The inability to control the technology it has created will not be, nor is it mankind’s greatest mistake. The greatest mistake we can make and are making is to not question the beliefs and “proxy truths” that we have been ladened with that nonetheless defy common sense and human decency. It is also a big mistake to not seek, know, embrace, and embody the truth ourselves.

Much of the ambivalence and complacency around the CERN activities is due to the fact that half-truth and untruth is pretty much all we’ve been fed, so we’re comfortable when a scientist, doctor, politician, or anyone who appears to be in “authority” tells us something that doesn’t make sense, or even seems ill-advised.

The CERN collider is composed of some 9,600 super magnets – which are 100,000 times more powerful than the gravitational pull of Earth – that fire protons around a circular track at mindboggling speeds. A beam might rotate for up to 10 hours, travelling a distance of more than 10 billion kilometers, enough to make it to the far reaches of our Solar System and back again. Travelling just below light-speed, a proton in the LHC will make 11,245 circuits every second.

No less amazing are the magnet’s coils, which are made up of 36 twisted 15mm strands, each strand comprised in turn of 6000-9000 single filaments, each filament possessing a diameter as small as 7 micrometers. The 27km length of the LHC demands some 7,600 km (4,100 miles) of cable, which amounts to about 270,000 km (145,000 miles) of strand — more than enough to circle the Earth six times at the equator. According to the CERN website, if the filaments were unraveled, they would “stretch to the Sun and back five times with enough left over for a few trips to the Moon.”

The pull upon the Earth is obviously extraordinary; some say that one false move could split the Earth in two.