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CHAPPiE Movie– Illuminati Will Overcome Death

Chappie_posterIn the near future, a robotic police force patrols the streets. When one police droid, CHAPPiE, is stolen and given new programming, he becomes the first robot with the ability to think and feel for himself.The Illuminati want to play God. Specifically, they want eternal life by transferring their “consciousness” to robots.


“CHAPPiE” is a full-blown satanic manifesto telegraphing to all of its viewers the theology of the global elite: “God our Creator is inept. He has great power but very little understanding of what HE is, or what ‘consciousness’ is, or what ‘power’ is, or what ‘freedom’ is. God the Creator is a bumbling yet harmless genius. When he created us, he was seeking to find Himself, and it is only through our own evolution, and our own emergent superiority to the inept intellect of God, that real truth and real power will arise.”


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