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Charlie Hebdo: Where Neocons, Zionists, Masons and Communists Converge


Charlie Hebdo, raising the banner of revolt, has always regurgitated precisely what the “system” required.

Charlie Hebdo (CH) came out of the New Left milieu of the 1960s and is a product of the 1968 revolt against President Charles de Gaulle. It happens that the most famous of the New Left revolts came at a time when (1) the CIA was sponsoring anti-Soviet New Left student organizations and other non-Soviet Left-wing endeavors throughout the world;[1] (2) President de Gaulle was pursuing a course independent of U.S. foreign policy.[2] The New Left was used in the USA dialectally to cause a general shift of thinking leftward, which would seem “conservative” in comparison to the Hippies and Yippies running rampant on campuses and in the streets.[3] Charlie Hebdo, raising the banner of revolt, has always regurgitated precisely what the “system” required.

Liberal Double Standards

While pontificating about “free speech”, criticism of Israel was not tolerated, and any manifestation of the Nationalist Right was regarded as requiring state repression. Charlie Hebdo advocates the “liberalism” of the Jacobins, the argument of the guillotine, figuratively, if not literally. They try to titillate the “educated” classes of France with an illustration of Jesus sodomising God,[4] and other such puerilities on a weekly basis.

Never did they campaign in favor of genuine “heretics”, such as those who questioned the Holocaust, who are heavily repressed in France. Never did they respond to the cause of the continuously vilified, constantly prosecuted, and physically beaten Dr. Robert Faurisson. The former professor of literature at the University of Lyon, removed for his heresy, whose questioning on the matter of the gas chambers at least had the support of socialist-libertarian Serge Thion in France and in the USA of Dr. Noam Chomsky, on the basis of free enquiry.[5] But Chomsky is a rare breed of Leftist intellectual. Most of the CH types the world over believe in free speech only as far as it aligns with their own dogmas. CH served as a mouthpiece for the ideology of the world system in a convergence of Grand Orient politicized Freemasonry, economic liberalism, Jacobinism, Zionism, and Marxism. It is this type of convergence, during the Cold War, under CIA auspices, from which the neocons emerged. A similar process has resulted in parts of the French Left taking a neocon course, Islamophobic, in the name of “universal values,” to the point of supporting U.S. (and Israeli) policies. They are like the Trotskyite luminaries during the Cold War, including Trotsky’s widow, Sedova, Max Schachtman, et al, who ended up being avid champions of the USA.

Charlie Hebdo actively campaigned to repress those with whom they disagreed; i.e. those who represented any genuine revolt against the status quo. Hence, in 2013, when the French Government banned a small group of the Nationalist Right after the death of a young “antifa” anarchist, Clément Méric, in a fight which he began, CH also called for the banning of the Front National (FN), a major political party. In a petition to parliament CH insisted that the FN was in breach of the Jacobin ideology of “The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen,” which forms the basis of the French Constitution. Therefore, CH does not support the existence of any doctrine or party that advocates anything contrary to neo-Jacobinism. Charlie Hebdo addressed their petition to French president François Hollande.


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