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Chemical-ridden GMO foods are now being pushed on Africans, destroying their natural food culture

In response to a propaganda piece recently published in a local newspaper that pushes the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine as a viable remedy to address exploding cancer rates throughout developing Africa, a concerned citizen of Rwanda wrote a letter to the editor countering this narrative, pointing out that toxic food, and not a lack of vaccines, is why many Africans are now suffering.

The original article, written by a board member of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance (a public-private partnership of the World Health Organization (WHO) and various countries throughout the world that together aggressively push vaccines as the solution to just about everything) contends that a major contributor to escalating rates of cancer throughout the world is a lack of HPV vaccines. In other words, it is an obvious endorsement and marketing puff piece to sell more vaccines rather than address the root causes of the problem.

One of these root causes, says Mwene Kalinda, who wrote a letter to the editor in response to this shameless HPV vaccine push piece, is toxic “foods” grown with biotechnology and harsh chemical pesticides. Much of the natural food that Africans have relied on for millennia, Kalinda correctly points out, are being actively replaced by imitator fake “foods” that are most certainly contributing to not only cancer, but a host of other chronic health conditions including diabetes and high blood pressure.

“We are what we eat, and we are moving away from our traditional foods to what we think — wrongly — are more desirable western ones but whose true negative consequences we will only realize when it is already too late,” Kalinda writes in outrage.


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