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‘China could overtake US air superiority using hacked American technology’

.The technology that went into China’s new J-20 jet fighter was stolen and diverted from export licenses the Commerce Department issued over a decade ago despite Defense Department objections, former Pentagon official Michael Maloof told RT’s Ed Schultz. 

The US, Russia and China are in an expensive technological race to achieve global air superiority.

President-elect Donald Trump met with officials of the companies developing fighter jets to talk about the cost of the next generation planes.

President Barack Obama mentioned China in his last news conference accusing it of carrying out cyber-attacks on US companies “to steal trade secrets in proprietary technology.”

The Chinese hacking of military secrets is well documented. Some fear the stealth technology in China’s J-20 fighter may have come from hacking classified American military material. The J-20 will challenge the F-22 Raptor and the F-35 for air superiority.


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