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China’s police state algorithm flags citizens who own too many books… because now even that’s suspicious

The communist Chinese government is using internet surveillance, AI and data collection to revolutionize their society — but not in a good way. Combined with a “social credit score,” Chinese citizens are now facing “digital totalitarianism,” as the government harnesses technological prowess and turns it into absolute power.

Currently, there are multiple initiatives to gather more data about people and corporations. This data is then used to inform decisions and policies, and the government devises systems of incentives and punishments to control people’s behavior. Even owning too many books may result in a person getting “flagged” by the government.

Technology that was once used to support the free sharing of information has been corrupted, and is now being used to control the masses and penalize so-called dissenters. But this isn’t just a problem in China: Recall the massive tech-sponsored censorship of conservative voices here in the United States. Across the board, technology is now being used for a sinister purpose: To quash freedom.


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