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‘Christians are under pressure in many developed countries’ – Russian Patriarch Kirill to Ed Schultz

Christians are in “a dangerous, critical situation” with religious communities marginalized in developed nations, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church told Ed Schultz, host of RT’s The News show, calling their persecution in the Middle East “a tragedy.”
In an exclusive interview to RT’s Ed Schultz Patriarch Kirill stressed the importance of his meeting with Pope Francis in Cuba, which he said came “at the right time.”


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“The situation that the Christian community in the Middle East requires joint action by all those who are ready to protect the Christians,” he said.

Christianity and persecution it is facing has become one of the major focuses of the historic meeting in Cuba last week.

“Christians are under pressure,” Patriarch Kirill said. “In a sense, we may say that Christians are uncomfortable in many developed countries today.”


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