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Churches are paying the gov’t up to $100 a month to spy on families!


According to an Arizona Dept. of Child Safety document churches are working with social workers to spy on families and they’re also using “Child Safety and Risk Assessments“.

According to a article church leaders are openly encouraged to collaborate with the gov’t. The article goes on to explain how religious organizations will spy on families and help the gov’t decide whether they should remove a child from their family!

“Called The Care Portal, the online tool allows DCS caseworkers who know of a specific need of a child or family to submit that request via email to nearby churches enrolled in the system.”

This is a way churches can partner directly, and that’s a huge game changer for communities,” said J. Michael Davis, the social services domain director of 4Tucson, an organization that promotes partnership in the Christian community. “We could take it anywhere. One church doesn’t have ownership. We are collaborating.”

The “Care Portal” is run by “The Global Orphan Project.”
(for the sake of brevity I’ll refer to them as TGOP)

Churches in FIVE states are spying on families:

According to the article, Adrien Lewis launched “The Care Portal” at the end of 2014 in Austin, Texas, it has since expanded to FOUR other states; Texas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. (if you include Arizona that’s FIVE states)

Who is Adrien Lewis? 

According to the TGOP  “Adrien brings more than ten years of sales and management experience, serving most recently as the Regional Vice President for ATI Testing. God moved on Adrien and his wife Cynthia in 2007 showing them His plan for them to care for kids.”

This is UNBELIEVABLE, according to the TGOP, it is God’s plan for ministers, priests or whoever to spy on families for our government!

According to the TGOP  their largest growth area is in the United States. The TGOP proudly boasts, we’ve “grown home.”

“An existing partnership between churches and the Department of Child Safety also contributed to Lewis’ decision to pilot a program in Arizona..”

According to the article, there are three levels of community (gov’t) and church involvement…

As the community becomes more involved and churches develop the infrastructure to support local families, they progress to Tiers Two and Three. Kansas City, with about 45 churches involved, is the only community reaching Tier Two so far.”

“At that level, churches begin to provide services such as mentoring or baby-sitting. The third step involves inviting church members to welcome children into their homes for foster care or adoption.”

What they’re really saying is; church members and leaders will be evaluating families and sending their recommendations to the gov’t.

How long before EVERY church, mosque and synagogue across the country is spying for our gov’t?

Incredibly the gov’t doesn’t have to pay a single dollar into the child assessment program…



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