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Colorado Pot Shop Registering Voters by Offering Free Marijuana

Denver, CO–Rite Greens Pot Shop is back in the news after the shop announced a “Register to Smoke” campaign that rewards those who register within the shop to receive a free 1/8 of marijuana (street value approx. $60).

Store owner JC Franco had this to say to Denver’s 9News:  “In conjunction with the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), Rite Greens Pot Shop has instituted a program to reward those who register to vote at the shop.  Registrants will receive one 1/8th of our house blend courtesy of our sponsors.  The program has been hugely successful.  We have already registered around 2,500 individuals.”  When asked about his shops controversial programs, Franco responded, “This is a brave new world we have entered and the law has not yet caught up to the reality on the ground.  We are testing the limits of what can or can’t be done legally as the courts struggle to define the boundaries.”


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