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Could the Ukrainian companion Anna Duritskaya lead to Nemtsov murder ?



Anna Duritskaya: did she play a part in the murder of her boyfriend, Russia’s opposition leader Boris Netsov?


The witness of the murder was a Ukrainian model Anna Duritskaya. And interesting, they shot six bullets at Nemtsov, and left her a live witness

In the wake of the callous murder of Boris Nemtsov, 55, the leader of Russia’s opposition movement literally in front of the Kremlin walls by a drive by shooter(s), questions are now asked of the 23 year old, KievUkrainian model, who was with Nemtsov at the moment he was gunned down.

Is Anna Duritskaya, Boris Nemtsov’s lover a suspect? Had an abortion.

Perhaps not coincidentally, Nemtsov, a former deputy prime minister was gunned down just two days shy of a major party rally ahead of upcoming elections.

Although opposition party members have been careful not to directly blame Putin for the shooting (Putin has since condemned the murder) they have blamed Putin for installing a mood of paranoia and an atmosphere of patriotic hysteria that inspired the killers.

Putin in turn has since taken personal charge of the investigation of Nemtsov’s death, saying the crime ‘had all the hallmarks of a contract killing and is entirely provocative in nature,’ suggesting it was aimed at smearing the authorities.

Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of Chechnya who is an ultra-loyal supporter of Putin would unabashedly posit on social media that:

‘There is no doubt that Mr Nemtsov’s murder was organised by the special services of the West, aiming by any means possible to provoke an internal conflict in Russia,’

Russian bloggers analyze Nemtsov’s murder



Is junta the mastermind of Nemtsov’s murder?

“It should be noted that the wave of the charges of the Russian leaders in the crime comes not from Russia, – said the head of the Center for political analysis Pavel Danilin, – even the most radical Russian liberals stick to condolences and are not in a hurry with the accusations.”

But the Ukrainian Internet space is full of real hysteria which cannot be overlooked. “The first direct charges of murder appeared in the Ukrainian blogs and media, – said Danilin, -moreover Ukraine immediately remembered the recent interview of Nemtsov to “Sobesednik” in which he says, that the authorities will kill him, but the existence of this interview proves that the government is the last, who benefits from the murder of this politician.

“Russian authorities are in principle not interested in killing any prominent politician, and especially this one, not such a bad guy,” says the analyst. – He is a bad politician, but not a very bad person. His murder could not add any weight and strength to anyone. No one at all”.

For me it is quite obvious that this is a provocation, totally from the outside – a murder committed either directly by the intelligence services of Ukraine, or in the interests of Ukraine, expressed Pavel Danilin.

 Ukrainian companion could lead Nemtsov to the scene of the murder


So say some analysts, including those who personally knew the opposition activist.



“Young companion of Boris Nemtsov could bring him to the right place at the right time.” So says the renowned economist Mikhail Delyagin. He said this on his Twitter account. This version is supported by the political analyst Vitaly Tretyakov.

The girl was used, most likely, blindly, – believes Tretyakov. – She just had to bring him for a walk on a Moscow night to a place where there are few people.

At the time of the murder next to 55 year-old Boris Nemtsov was the 23-year-old native of Kiev, Anna Duritskaya. The girl was taken for questioning by the police. Reportedly, she is the main witness to the murder.




UNIAN agency reported that press service of National Defense and Security Council of Ukraine released the statement of Turchinov: “I knew him well. Boris was an extraordinary, brave and sincere person. He will remain such in our memory. Russia lost another person, who refused to live on his knees”

[judging by what a”character” Turchinov is himself, you can only imagine what kind of people receive his approval – KR]








Nemtsov was killed to revive the opposition

Poor Nemtsov was sacrificed to beef up the numbers of the “Spring” march. [planned for March 1st]

His corpse is like an electric shock to revive the opposition.

And the liberals are such sheep that they will believe that Putin killed Nemtsov just in time for their march. Because he is a tyrant, and the tyrant always has to kill somebody.

The witness of the murder was a Ukrainian model Anna Duritskaya. And interesting, they shot six bullets at Nemtsov, and left her a live witness.