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Cyber doomsday is coming: Experts warn the ENTIRE internet could go down for 24 hours as cyber criminals ramp up attacks

Every December brings new doomsday predictions for the year ahead, but claims 2017 could see the entire internet going down for a full 24 hours are possibly the most troubling yet.

Instead of a meteor impact wiping out life on Earth or a new super virus spawning, this would be a horror entirely of mankind’s own making.

According to US technology security vendor LogRhythm, a cyber-attack of this scale next year isn’t only possible, but extremely likely.

‘In 2017, we’re going to see it hit big sometime, somewhere,’ LogRhytm’s VP and chief information security officer, James Carder has said.

This wouldn’t just interrupt your evening’s Netflix session or Facebook addiction either, but could have globally catastrophic consequences.

‘If the internet goes down, financial markets will tank,’ Carder added.

With a global DDoS attack earlier this year having seen sites including Twitter, Reddit, Paypal, Netflix and Spotify knocked off the internet for hours at a time, Carder believes the signs are there an attack that would take down the entire internet.


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