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Davos 2018: Elites to save the world at cocktail party schmooze-fest

It’s that time of year again when the elite gather at Davos by day to tackle the many problems plaguing the planet. And then by night it’s back to hitting the slopes, sipping champagne and networking again.
Since its first gathering in 1971, the scenic Alpine town of Davos, Switzerland – home to over 200 miles of breathtaking ski slopes – has played perfect host to the world’s financial and political elite, who spend three days attending panel discussions on a variety of topics.

Thanks to the natural edifices of the Swiss Alps, Mother Nature’s most effective security apparatus, not to mention 4,500 police and many miles of security fencing, the Masters of the Universe will be at liberty to discuss momentous global issues without being rudely interrupted by the dissenting voices of the global village far below.

“The skies over Switzerland are choked with private planes and helicopters as Davos gets underway,”CNN reported. “Security is tight, and rooftop sharpshooters watch over attendees as they parade through metal detectors and then swap snow boots for dress shoes.”

And then there is the price of membership in the world’s swankiest club: corporations don’t blink when they are asked to pay $60,000 to purchase base membership to the World Economic Forum; premier corporate partnerships are up to 10 times that amount. The cost alone makes the event prohibitive for your average person, in the highly-unlikely event he or she awoke one morning to find an invitation to this event in his or her mailbox.


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