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DC Police Stripped Of Body Cameras For Trump Inauguration Why?

Growing fears about a potential Trump assassination have intensified this week as Washington DC police officers were ordered to turn off their body cameras on inauguration day.

All DC police have been given the bizarre order to turn off their camera’s or face “serious consequences”.  According to NBC News, it is “against the law” for body cameras to be on while police are around protestors – and there are expected to be millions of violent protestors in the Capitol on Friday.

Blue Lives Matter reports:

This means that officers can turn the cameras on when they want to arrest somebody, but they will be unable to capture what led up to the arrest.

America has a lot of recent experience with Black Lives Matter protests devolving into riots. Oftentimes, the only lead to determining the identities of criminal rioters is camera footage. In the 2015 Baltimore riots, Donta Betts was captured on camera squirting lighter fluid on propane tanks. At the Portland election riots November 2016, Mateen Shaheed was captured on camera causing $50,000 worth of damage. During the 2016 Charlotte riots, police were able to use footage to identify the killer who gunned down Justin Carr.

Furthermore, it’s fairly standard practice for police to have designated cameramen at protests so the department can not only show evidence of criminal activity, but the department can defend itself from false claims.


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