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Deep State Rage Over Putin/Trump Summit Talks

An earlier article stressed that foreign governments trust America at their peril – a nation notoriously saying one thing and doing something entirely different.

Ruling US regimes have interests, not allies, wanting other countries used to further their hegemonic aims.

Duplicity and betrayal are defining features of US foreign policy. Iran knows it. So does North Korea.

After over a century of US hostility toward Russia, Vladimir Putin knows it – or should.

Trump serves powerful interests controlling his agenda. He’s got Congress to deal with, nearly all 535 members hostile to Russia, along with virtually the entire Western media establishment.

Chances for improved US/Russian relations following Putin/Trump summit talks are virtually nil – regardless of likely encouraging remarks post-summit by both leaders.

Media scoundrels are unloading on them in advance. A NYT op-ed absurdly accused Trump of “retreat(ing) from the West…in deference to Russia and China.”

No responsible editor would touch this rubbish. Trump’s rage for endless wars needs NATO support, wanting greater use of the alliance as a US imperial tool.

While focusing on America first, no nation is an island – no matter how politically, economically or militarily strong. Without partners aiding its agenda, achieving its aims would be unattainable.

A neocon/CIA house organ Washington Post op-ed said “Putin is about to con Trump in Helsinki, reciting a laundry list of utter nonsense.

If any conning is accomplished in Helsinki, Putin will be the loser for foolishly thinking smiles, handshakes and conciliatory interfacing with Trump can improve bilateral relations.

Hopefully he’s too savvy a chess player to believe he can achieve what’s been out of reach since Russia’s 1917 revolution – with few interregnum softening periods during WW II, the Kennedy years, and Reagan/Gorbachev era.


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