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“Democrats biggest hope 2020 is Oprah”?

Oprah Winfrey is the prime chance of the Democrats to defeat Donald Trump at the next presidential election.
It claims John Podhoretz, columnist for the New York Post and former speech writer for the US presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush the elder.And the TV icon has commented:
“Thanks for the support! Democrats’ biggest hope 2020: Oprah, “writes Oprah Winfrey on Twitter


Podhoretz celebrated in her column Oprah Winfrey’s debut on the 60 Minutes TV show where she was a moderator during a debate between Republican and Democratic voters in Michigan.
“She listened, asked, spoke without prejudice, tried to find common factors – it was a superb effort by Oprah,” writes Podhoretz.
He then claimed that if the TV icon were to stand in the presidential election in three years, she would be a strong candidate to challenge Donald Trump.
“The United States is doing the old way of adopting a policy. Democrats must do the same to adapt to the current climate.” And that’s where Oprah comes into the picture. Hor is a mirror image of Trump. She’s a woman and he is she. She is America’s generous aunt and he is America’s uncle uncle, “writes Podhoretz.