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Democrats now want OPRAH to run against Trump in 2020 … and you’re not allowed to criticize her, EVER

The Alt-Left Democratic Party, whose Marxist/socialist pursuits remain out of touch with the vast majority of Americans, has settled on its next challenger to President Donald J. Trump, well in advance of the 2020 elections.

How does “President Oprah Winfrey” sound to you?

No, I’m not even kidding, though given the state of the world and its dangerous uncertainty moving forward, I wish I was.

The ‘movement’ got some serious boost on Sunday when Oprah showed up at the Golden Globes awards show and gave a “stirring speech” when accepting a GG for lifetime achievement.

After the speech, astute political minds — we call them “celebrities” — took the very same platform they love to hate when Trump is using it to urge the queen of daytime talk to run for the Oval Office. Yes, the Twitter hashtags #Oprah2020 and #OprahForPresident are now live (and semi-official).

During a speech in which she recounted an instance of white-on-black racism that could never happen anywhere in the country today (hint: Thanks to the progress we’ve made on civil rights), Oprah sounded like the candidate-in-waiting, seeking the next Democratic ordination who can “inspire” like Hillary Clinton never could, because, you know, she’s not just a woman, she’s a black woman.


So you can’t criticize her a) if you’re a man; b) if you’re white; c) if you’re a Trump supporter (because you’re a “racist/bigot/homophobe.”

That’s what happened when Republicans and other opponents of Obama dared to criticize him. Mind you, the criticisms were not personal; people were criticizing his politics and his policies.

But somehow along the way that became racism. ‘How dare you criticize the first black president!’ came the cries of indignation from the Left.


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