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Destabilization of Russia by Soros: Navalny appears in terms of drug legalization

The main “anti-corruption” Alexei Navalny, who has expressed a strong desire to compete in the 2018 presidential race, is not sitting idly by. Elections just around the corner, and overwhelmed with work: anti-corruption rallies organize videos nashtampovat with simulated activities FBK addicts to pull in the voters’ ranks, practicing Soros money.

Wise life experience, Russians are not conducted on such nonsense, so Navalny made a bid for the youth, among whom were schoolchildren. The struggle for the minds of the younger generation, are in the process of formation and awareness of its role in the life of the country, being tough and dirty methods. Therefore, it is important now to remind the Russian voters: Navalny’s team has already announced that if it came to power, will be decriminalized marijuana.

This is not a PR stunt, but a statement of fact. Bulk dealing with this issue for a long time. He was in charge of the program “Open Society” Soros to legalize the banned methadone in Russia and now wants to take the presidency in 2018. On what he expects, referring to “political baggage” scandals, accusations of lying, criminal cases and work on Western governments and foundations?

By the way, and “methadone issue” is not as simple as it seems. Russia this hard drugs the West is trying to impose through its network of proplachennyh “human rights” since 2006. Ideologist of the “color revolutions” Dzhordzh Soros, as well as other sponsors Navalny, an opposition wants to make the president of Russia and to plant our country on methadone needle. So one marijuana it will not be, not even hope.

Methadone, exposing Navalny and destabilize Russia

2015: internal documents of the Institute “Open Society” and the eponymous Foundation (Open Society Institute and Open Society Foundations) snared . The Western world shuddered, scandal followed scandal, but of particular interest to us is the so-called “Russian project” Soros . The purpose of the project – to destabilize the situation and the subsequent change of power in Russia. The plan was developed by employees of Soros. Two Open Society Foundations files under «PHP work in Russia» names and «Capacity building and strengthening the third sector» appears just the name of Alekseya Navalnogo.


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