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DHS is working on an RFID biometric ID badge that knows when you go the bathroom



A Southern Connecticut State University student named Steve Abbagnaro of Durham is developing technology for DHS through his company, Queralt Inc.

“Started in January 2011 with private funding from the Department of Homeland Security, a multi-national industrial gas company and private shareholders, Queralt has grown from developing elementary sensor solutions to offering the leading cloud-based platform for powering intelligent real-time actions based on multiple sensory and data inputs.”

“Queralt has helped shape the future of cloud-based tracking, security and safety solutions creating real value and opportunity for our customers, employees, and investors.”

It’s all about the shareholders and profit! Don’t forget DHS is one of the shareholders.

Through a federal grant program, Steve Abbagnaro’s company is proudly working with DHS to develop an advanced RFID- enabled spying badge:

image credit: Queralt, Inc.

“The iQ3 is input agnostic, which means it can process all kinds of data. From location data from RFID tags, temperature information, personal identity smart-cards, biometric data, or virtual data coming from an existing application- iQ3 does it all. By combining all of this information into one place, iQ3 is able to paint a better virtual picture of your environment.” 

‘For a better picture of YOUR environment’ the RFID badge will even know your temperature!
DHS wants to spy on your every movement even while you go to the bathroom! They’ll even know which computer you’re at.

Employees are issued an RFID-enabled badge that a computer reads while they are at work. As they go about their day, the system collects information — when they arrive, eat lunch, or go to the restroom, for instance, or which computers they log into. The system then uses the information to establish patterns and issue an alert if something is amiss.

How long before they incorporate this technology into drivers licenses? Can you say RealID? DHS’s national drivers license tracking program!  When they’re installed in your drivers license they’ll even know which vehicle your driving! Click here & here to find out more.

Abbagnaro said employees are only tracked while at work, with their knowledge, and on government-issued devices. Personal cell phones are not monitored.  Wink, wink, sound like he’s a James Clapper prodigy.

“I’m a huge privacy advocate, but this isn’t being (used with) regular citizens,” Abbagnaro added. “This is a pilot concept that is being used in a very limited space with people who are aware of everything that is happening.”

Hey, Abbagnaro, if you’re a ‘HUGE privacy advocate’ stop trying to profit of off tracking employees bathroom habits!

When money’s involved corporate money hungry ‘shareholders’ will put them into every employee ID badge. Then it’s only a matter of time before it’s a law and every driver’s license and federal ID badge must have this RFID spying tech installed in them.