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Diablo Canyon Power Plant could be California’s Fukushima


The Last Operating Nuclear Power Plant in California
It Sits On Nearly 900 Beachfront Acres Along the Rural Central Coast in San Luis Obispo County and Surrounded By Fault Lines.

Hosgri Fault Only 3 Miles from Plant.
It Was Discovered In 1971 3 Years After Construction Began on Diablo Canyon.

The US Geological Service Estimated the Hosgri Fault Could Produce a 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake, The Maximum The Plant Is Built To Withstand

Shoreline Fault Run Less Than 2000 Feet From The Reactors
It Was Discovered In 2008 Two Decades After The Plant Opened.

“A Previously Unknown Earthquake Fault Line Running As Close As 2000 Feet From Diablo Canyon’s Two Reactors… Could Cause More Ground Motion During An Earthquake Than The Plant Was Designed To Withstand”
– Union Of Concerned Scientists –

Nearly 500,000 People Lived Within 50 Miles Of The Plant As Of 2010

A Single Earthquake Could Put Them All At Risk Of Nuclear Contamination

” I’m Frightened That They’re Making Almost The Exact Same Mistake We Saw At Fukushima”
– Daniel Hirsch Lecturer Of Nuclear Policy –

The 2011 Nuclear Disaster Fukushima, Japan Was Caused By An Earthquake And Ensuing Tsunami.

156,000 People Were Displaced Due To The Release Of Radioactive Materials, This Is What The Fukushima Plume Would Look Like In California.