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Dick Cheney Predicts Nuclear War Between US, Iran


Dick Cheney has done it again! This time he’s lying regarding the Iran Deal. He spoke at the American Enterprise Institute on Tuesday to warn against what he sees as a nuclear threat on US soil.

“With the removal of restrictions on Iran’s ballistic missile program this agreement will give Iran the means to launch a nuclear attack on the US homeland,” Dick Cheney said during his speech at the American Enterprise Institute.

Brad Friedman in Thursday’s BradCast could not contain himself and he had to play the clip twice where Dick Cheney ‘warns’ the Americans against Iran’s nuclear threat.

“I am not going to put you through all the times that Dick Cheney was wrong about everything! How he blatantly lies to American people,” Friedman said during his podcast.

Freidman goes on to recall the time when back in 2008 Dick Cheney said that if Democrats are elected there will be another 9/11 in the US.


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