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Did this young woman fire the fatal shot that killed Bobby Kennedy?

INVESTIGATORS probing the Bobby Kennedy assassination believe they may have identified the mysterious “girl in a polka dot dress” who many say fired the shots that killed the would-be US president. Kennedy, 42, was shot dead 50 years ago, on June 5 1968, with gunman Sirhan Sirhan opening fire at Los Angeles’ Ambassador Hotel.

Kennedy had just won the California primary for the Democrats and was tipped to become America’s 37th president, following in the footsteps of his brother John F Kennedy.

JFK was assassinated in Dallas in 1963.

Both killings have provoked conspiracy theories which flourish to this day, with most of the focus on JFK.

British author and documentary maker Tim Tate says there is “no doubt” there was a second gunman in the Bobby Kennedy killing.

The motive for Jerusalem-born Sirhan, a Palestinian Christian whose family were ejected from their homeland, was said to be revenge because Kennedy had backed arming Israel in the ongoing war.

Witnesses saw him pull out a .22 Iver Johnson revolver and empty eight bullets. Bystanders who disarmed him were captured on camera and it appeared an open and shut case.

Sirhan remains behind bars, but many believe he did not act alone and 25 people saw a woman in polka dots, who has never been identified.

Others saw her and another man running through the hotel shouting: “We shot him, we shot him!”


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