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Did you know you breathe in highly toxic jet engine air every time you travel?

During flights, every breath you take inside an airliner’s passenger cabin fills your lungs with air taken directly from the plane’s jet engines. An article in Green Med Info stated that this exposes you to tricresyl phosphates (TCPs) and other deadly chemicals used to ensure the smooth operation of the engines.

This is not a design flaw, by the way. This is a deliberate design that has been used for the past six decades.

As aircraft began to fly higher and higher, engineers needed to find a way to pressurize fuselages at high altitudes. Otherwise, passengers and crew would suffer potentially dangerous conditions such as altitude sickness

They decided the easiest way to do so was to redirect bleed air from the compressor stage of the aircraft’s engines into the fuselage. This diverted compressed air is cooled down and supposedly scrubbed by the plane’s environmental systems before being pumped into the fuselage.

Today, almost every aircraft in service uses this dubious method to pressurize cockpits and cabins.


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