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Disney now targeting preschoolers with ‘gay’ cartoons

An episode of a Disney cartoon for preschoolers normalizes homosexual relationships. reports an Aug. 5 episode of the Disney Junior channel show “Doc McStuffins” featured a family headed by two lesbian “moms.”

“Doc McStuffins” is about a 7-year-old who wants to be a doctor and fixes her broken toys.

The show targets preschoolers and young children, and its website features child-friendly video games and print-out coloring

The episode, called “The Emergency Plan,” is about a “family” of dolls forced to flee their house after an earthquake. The ostensible message of the episode is to teach children the importance of preparing for emergency situations, but the homosexual undertones are clear.

Wanda Sykes, the lesbian actress who plays one of the lesbian “parents” in the show, told GLAAD, the world’s largest homosexual advocacy group, that “with this episode, [my kids] see a family that looks like our family.”


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