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Do you have plastic in your gut? You might, if you drink water from the tap

Whether you live in the United States or France, there’s a high chance you’ve been ingesting microscopic plastic fibers whenever you drink water from the tap. According to the researchers behind the shocking new study, nearly all of the world’s tap water is contaminated.

The researchers — who were commissioned by journalism outlet Orb Media — came to this conclusion after collecting and testing tap water samples obtained from over a dozen nations across five continents. In total, 83 percent of the samples were found to contain plastic fibers. Tap water from the United States had the highest rate of contamination, with 94 percent of the samples falling under this category. Moreover, every 500 milliliters of tap water was loaded with an average of 4.8 microplastic fibers. The tap water for the U.S. samples included water taken from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Trump Tower in New York.

Beirut followed the United States, with a 93.8 contamination rate and and 4.5 microplastic fibers in every 500 ml of tap water. Interestingly, the water supply of Beirut originates from natural springs, suggesting that the microplastic pollution situation in the Lebanese Republic’s capital city is a truly grave one. The other nations that were sampled included



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