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End of Shengen? Europe’s open-border policy on brink as refugee talks fail


Europe is close to reintroducing border checks throughout the continent after emergency talks on the refugee crisis collapsed when EU members and Shengen area states failed to reach agreement.

European Council President Donald Tusk warned on Thursday time was running out to save the Schengen area – the open borders zone encompassing much of Europe.

Most EU countries are likely to follow Sweden in re-imposing border controls to cope with the migrant and refugee crisis, Tusk said.

Let there be no doubt, the future of Schengen is at stake and time is running out. The clock is ticking, we are under pressure, we need to act fast,” he said.



160 refugees had to be evacuated after a devastating fire engulfed a shelter hosting asylum seekers in Norway’s Hemsedal area. The cause of the blaze is unknown.







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