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EU begins court action against Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic over migrant quotas

The EU has now turned over the three countries to the European Court of Justice (ECJ). Although the ECJ possesses powers to interpret provisions of international refugee law, the current crisis — which has caused chaos and led to jihad attacks, and which threatens the fabric of European culture and society — is unprecedented. The EU’s relentless attack on the Visegrad group is a troubling, fascist-like interference in the sovereignty of those nations. The publication Deutshe Welle indicated that Brussels is determined “to see this scheme carried out,” despite the strong resistance of those countries. Poland’s Deputy Foreign Minister Konrad Szymanski said that his nation “is ready to defend its position in the Court,” and declared: “No one will lift the duty of providing public safety from the Polish government.”

It is the duty of every sovereign free nation to protect the citizens of its country. Anything less is an evasion of responsibility at best, treason at worst.

“EU chiefs refer Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic to ECJ over migrant quotas”, by Nick Gutteridge, Express, December 7, 2017: