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EU to force countries to receive refugees/migrants

All EU countries should be forced to accept refugees, suggests the Swedish EU parliamentarian Cecilia Wikström in her report on the future refugee situation, now to be negotiated within the EU.

– It is impossible when there are three, four, five countries in the EU that take responsibility, and the other 24 do nothing at all or very little, says Cecilia Wikström to Swedish Radio.

She is the European Parliament’s negotiator on the so-called Dublin agreement, which determines which country in the EU to examine an asylum application. The agreement will now be revised after Angela Merkel made it obsolete.

The European Commission’s proposal means that each country is assigned a reference value, a refugee quota, based on the country’s GDP and population growth.

After the quota is filled, the redeployment of asylum seekers will be triggered automatically.

The European Commission has also proposed that countries that refuse to accept refugees will be punished with a fine of EUR 250,000 per applicant.


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