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Europe’s Migrant Crisis Caused by West’s Destabilization of Syria – Le Pen


National Front leader Marine Le Pen attacked President Francois Hollande and his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy on French television Friday, saying that the country’s policy in the Middle East has destabilized the region, leading to the migrant crisis which France and the rest of Europe are paying for today.

Le Pen told France’s TV1 that “the situation with the migrants would never have existed were it not for the destabilization of Syria. This is where it all began.” The politician added that “we have only to thank Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande for what is happening now.”

The leader of the conservative-nationalist National Front, France’s third-largest party, emphasized that “the reality is that the [French] people do not want to take them in. Our people do not want to see migrants here.”




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