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Example: How UK Media Talked about Ukraine Neo-Nazis in 2012


Anarchy in the Ukraine: ‘Nazi’ Militia Train Yobs to Fight Our Fans

“NEO-NAZI paramilitaries are secretly training football hooligans to wreak havoc during Ukraine’s Euro 2012 match against England”

An undercover Sun team filmed members of extreme right-wing militia The Patriot of Ukraine as it drilled thugs in unarmed combat, knife fighting and use of rifles and pistols at a secret camp.

One yob boasted how they planned to riot and hurl racist abuse at black England stars such as Rio Ferdinand and Ashley Cole.

He told us: “Of course we will boo your black players. There will be fighting too. Why should we apologise for it?”

The Sun team infiltrated the Patriots’ training camp by posing as British sympathisers keen to make closer ties and learn from their methods.

The group’s leaders said the hooligans were seen as “foot soldiers” who would proclaim their vile message of racial hatred to the world during Euro 2012.

All three of England’s group matches are in the Ukraine — which is jointly hosting the tournament with Poland.

The Patriots, whose 3,500 members run illegal military training camps, teach the thugs fighting skills and offer “education” in their ideology.

In return the hooligans agree to chant white supremacist slogans from the stands and swell the Patriots’ ranks at anti-immigration rallies on the streets.

The Patriots’ liaison chief Dmytro Semchuk said: “We have a network of football hooligans in every town that we can call on. We can start a war just by one call. In Ukraine the hooliganism is mixed with the politics of patriotism and nationalism.

“We recruit from the terraces and we use football hooligans to spread our message.

“We share the same beliefs. The hooligans here are not like English ones who drink all the time. Here we prepare with training. We take it seriously and we are fit.

“The Patriots help with education and physical training. We are the brains — the hooligans are the foot soldiers.



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